ASPDM -'s Package/StdLib Distribution and Management


ASPDM stands for's Package/StdLib Distribution and Management. It is meant to provide an easy and practical way to install libraries and tools written for and in the AutoHotkey scripting language. It is recommended to read the official guidelines and other specifications prior to releasing packages for the ASPDM package manager. The ASPDM local client is entirely written in AutoHotkey itself and requires AutoHotkey v1.1.13.00+ to be installed (older versions and v2+ are not officially supported). ASPDM also aims to standardise the organisation of community-shared scripts and libraries: to create a "defacto"/official Standard Library (or known as "StdLib"). The ASPDM code itself is released under the MIT/ADPL(?) License. If you would like to contribute to this project, you may do so through many ways such as reporting bugs, providing code improvements or even discuss ideas on either our GitHub repository, Trello board or Forum topic.


Thanks to the whole AutoHotKey team and its contributors, and especially to @george2, @perfaram, @fincs, and @joedf, who worked on the ASPDM project!


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